Countdown to Burning Crusade

Inspired by me previous post about Burning Crusade I thought I could make a desktop countdown to Burning Crusade for all people out there who really can't wait to get BC (including me). So I took the release date from amazon.com, altered the Burning Crusade logo a bit, so it would make a nice countdown window and mixed all together with Countdown Pro.
The result looks like this:

You can download it here (1meg zip file with .exe inside).
Hope you enjoy it - and hope it will bring some traffic to my blog here ;-)
Legal stuff: World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade and the Burning Crusade logo are copyright by Blizzard Entertainment.


Blogger wakaru-nl said...

Burning Crusade ftw! :D stumbled on your blog searching for burning crusade countdown (cause I got the damn thing sitting here in front of me but have to wait 5 hours to play >.<)
Good job on this countdown!

And check my blog in return :)



god, the wait is unbearable ^^

9:30 AM  

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