Great old DOS games and how to run them today

Yesterday I really needed to play Master of Orion again. Best space strategy game I know - never found anything better. Don't know how it happend but i really needed it. So I grabbed my old copy and started it. Nothing happend. Using the emulated Win95 mode and other tricks did not work. Simply wouldn't start. Do you know the feeling when you desperatly need to play that old game again?

Here's how i finally got it to run:
Downloaded a opensource software called DosBox (http://dosbox.sourceforge.net). It emulates a real DOS enviroment, this is not the same as starting the command promt on your computer.
After starting it you need to mount your harddrive to the emulater first by typing mount d: d:\ if the game you want to play is on the d drive. After that navigate to it like you did under DOS.
The first time I started Master of Orion it run a little slow, but you can increase the emulators speed by opening the file "dosbox.conf" in the dosbox folder and set the CPUCycles variable higher (10000 worked well for me). Dos Box has a huge list of games it works with.
Another great source for learning about how to run old games is: http://vogons.zetafleet.com/

You didn't ask for it, but heres my personal list of classic games being played again:
1. Master of Orion
2. Escape Velocity (http://www.ambrosiasw.com)
3. Majesty - The Kingdom Sim (dos anybody except me know this?)
4. History Line
5. Duke Nukem

There's a lot of games old games which have been released as freeware now, just google for "Abandonware" as a starting point (Be careful there, some of the download sites are illegal).

Thats it for now, have to play Master of Orion again....


Countdown to Burning Crusade

Inspired by me previous post about Burning Crusade I thought I could make a desktop countdown to Burning Crusade for all people out there who really can't wait to get BC (including me). So I took the release date from amazon.com, altered the Burning Crusade logo a bit, so it would make a nice countdown window and mixed all together with Countdown Pro.
The result looks like this:

You can download it here (1meg zip file with .exe inside).
Hope you enjoy it - and hope it will bring some traffic to my blog here ;-)
Legal stuff: World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade and the Burning Crusade logo are copyright by Blizzard Entertainment.

Murloc RPG

Found this great WOW satire at newgrounds.com:
Murloc RPG - play WOW from the view of a murloc! Aren't they cute little beasts?
Murloc RPG is a classical sidescroller with RPG elements - and a lot of humor. Perhaps Blizzard will pick up that idea and "Murloc" is a new race avaiable in the addon after Burning Crusade?


WoW- Burning Crusade login screen

I like playing World of Worcraft sometimes, and thus this will be topic in this blog from time to time. But unlike many others i'm not addicted to it. I can play two hours, have a pause for two weeks and then play two ours again - that means i'm not addicted, right?
I play wow since the open beta started but still didn't get any character to level 60, the highest i got is 46.
Anyway, i'm looking forward to get Burning Cursade (the addon coming soon) which will possibly motivate me to get to level 60 and explore the new areas....and a flying mount!
The news I wanted to post here is that a screenshot of the new login screen for Burning crusade is out, which you can see here. Looks very cool.

Futurama comic creator

Just found this, a funny flash based futurama comic creator. Missing more pictures of zoidberg though.
Thats what I made of it (i'm not a creative person).


Forgot to say that this is of course also about futurama, the home of zoidy and the greatest cartoon show ever! Gotfuturama?. Futurama has been canceld some years ago, but there is new hope! According to some sources there will be new episodes in 2007! Great!

Picture of zoidy

Just made this picture of zoidy - looks weird enough i think- which will serve as my image in this blog. Playing around in Photoshop is fun...


Welcome chez zoidy!

Zoidy is the pennyless lobster from futurama and im not biologically related to him (i'm human, surprise). But i am related to him in mind.
Anyway this blog is, like most blogs out there, about stuff that entertains me which is games, movies, other blogs... and sometimes a slice of pizza.
Let the games begin!